INTREC LIMITED is an International Recruitment Consultancy and International Projects Marketing Consultancy. Proudly a New Zealand company and priding itself on a successful record of providing strategic Project and Construction management personnel, establishing and maintaining a successful client relationship. Our ability to identify and source the necessary skill base is the key to a successful project team providing our clients with the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.

•Project Initiation
•Project Planning
•Project Execution
•Project Monitoring and Control
•Project Closure


INTREC International Recruitment Consultancy and INTREC International Projects Marketing continue to be prominent in its ability to identify and deliver beyound clients requirements, Nowadays we have many competitors, but INTREC LIMITED continues as an innovator in its field. What makes INTREC LIMITED a success?. Everyone is guided by a Code of Ethics, a way of "doing business" which, we feel, earns the respect and confidence of our clients. Placing clients' interest first, maintaining confidential treatment of all client information, and to decline assignments for which our personnel, solutions, equipment, or systems are not appropriate. To willingly withdraw from any assignment where the client is not benefiting from our service. To provide a logical estimate of costs and completion date of an assignment before starting. To undertake every assignment, large or small, with enthusiasm and to ensure satisfactory performance with the backing of a specific guarantee
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